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VNA Test Port Extension Cable, 3.5mm NMD, 3.5mm jack, DC-34 GHz

VNA Test Port Extension Cable, 3.5mm NMD, 3.5mm jack, DC-34 GHz

  • $ 1,110.81

High Performance VN Series Cable Assemblies

VNA Test Port Extension Cable, DC-34 GHz, 3.5mm NMD/3.5mm jack

- Superior phase stability 
- Ultra precision measurements 
- Ideal for lab and production 
- DC-50 GHz

MegaPhase VNA cable assemblies are designed to ease the time associated with test equipment calibrations where compensation for loss, mismatches, and feedthroughs are critical to the test outcome. VN series cables are mechanically stable and can be bent with little effect on insertion loss, phaseor VSWR. They can be employed time and again when rigorous test regiments are called for. Cable assemblies are available in user defined lengths up to 25 feet. These low loss alternatives to expensive OEM test cables are the perfect solution for any test lab employing critical test equipment in their production operations. The cable is constructed with an armored jacket and boot to protect the connectors and for effective VNA, PNA, and scalar test calibrations. Cables are available in phase matched lengths and come with a large variety of integrated connectors including the popular ruggedized NMD type.

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